to all the hearty folk who braved the nasty weather
to participate in the planning workshop Saturday, October 27, 2018.
We were encouraged by the large turnout and constructive discussion.

And thanks to Bourne Community Television
for broadcasting the event live
and taping it for future broadcast.

Next up will be a community survey
that can be filled out on line or on paper.

Watch for it here.

This site documents the progress of the Town of Bourne’s effort to revise and update its Local Comprehensive Plan. It is designed to be viewed on any computer, tablet, or phone, and will automatically optimize its layout for any screen size.

The Bourne Planning Board appointed a committee to oversee revision of the LCP. Committee members are Jeanne Azarovitz, Elizabeth Brown, Daniel Doucette, and Steven Strojny, who is Chairman.

The Town Administrator contracted with Community Planning Specialist Wesley Ewell to revise and update the LCP under the direction and review of the LCP Committee. Mr. Ewell established and administers this website as part of his contract with the town.

Your comments and ideas are important to the development of our plan. Simply click on the Contact tab to leave a message for the site administrator.